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Welcome to the cafe!

Hey, take a seat next to me! I'm a gaymer demigrrrrl with a passion for VR, games where I can be creative and build stuff, and tabletop games. I also adore virtual pets and my blorbos (both canon husbandos and my own OCs) which is why most of this website is for them. I think it's fairly obvious if you've read this far that I'm autistic, but I also have tons of other health issues and I swear I get diagnosed with a new one every year. So far I have Fibromyalgia, Hyperadrengenic Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (EDS, suspected Hypermobile type but who knows), Anhidrosis (I don't sweat!), Vasovagal Syncope, Neurocardiogenic Syncope.. and I feel like I'm missing some. I basically live on the internet and in my VR headset which means I'm a HUGE NERD AND I'M PROUD OF IT.

Some webpages are missing or don't link to every other page yet, but I'm working on it! I try to add something new every week.



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The zebra's stripes are known to protect it from blood-sucking insects

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Your immortal lover would be...


Your immortal lover is the true embodiment of love and beauty. You seek love that is true and undiluted by games or malice. You are a great communicator and are able to have emtionally mature relationships.

Want your own? Visit hekate.neocities.org!
What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?


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